Is Visiting Jail Inmates a Crime for NIA ?

Comparison of Visitors of Accused Jail Inmates of Pantheerankavu UAPA Case and Convicts of TP Chandrasekharan Murder Case.

Rejaz M Sydeek

May 4 is the Martyrdom day of Comrade TP Chandrasekharan . Today is also the 2nd Interrogation Session of Comrade Abhilash Padachery , Vijith Vijayan & Eldo Wilson at NIA Office in connection with Pantheerankavu UAPA Case . According to NIA , Abhilash Padachery Recruited Alan Shuhaib & Thaha Fasal into CPI Maoist , but he strongly objects against this allegation . NIA also alleged that he had visited Alan & Thaha in Jail , so based on this NIA established Maoist links of him with the duo. Abhilash has accused the NIA for fabricating fake evidences against him in Pantheerankavu Case.

Alan & Thaha

Abhilash is an online Journalist and as a journalist he got every rights to visit jail inmates for his professional work . Even if Abhilash had visited them in Jail, what is the problem in that ? Is visiting jail inmates a crime in a state which is run by self proclaimed ambassadors of democracy ? If that’s the logic , why didn’t the investigating team of TP Chandrasekharan’s Murder book then the state secretary of CPI(M)Pinarayi Vijayan when he visited TP Chandrasekharan’s Killers in Jail ? Why didn’t the investigating team book CPI(M)MLA Shamseer who attended one of the convicted CPIM Criminal , Shafi’s Marriage ? Another interesting and ridiculous factors found in both Pantheerankavu case & TP’s murder were blaming Muslim organisations . CPIM District Secretary Mohanan Master made a statement that , “Muslim organisations are nurturing Maoist organisations” .

Corpse of TP Chandrasekharan.

CPI(M)leaders were twisting the interview given by former General Secretary of CPI Maoist comrade Ganapathy to medias including BBC about solidarity of maoist organisations to muslim organisations for their anti imperialist & anti fascist nature . Mohanan Master was an accused in TP Chandrasekharan’s murder case , in which the Innova car used by the killers for eliminating comrade TP had a sticker , “Masha Allah” . Soon CPI(M)exploited this and told Muslim organisations were behind the murder of Comrade TP Chandrasekharan . CPI(M) members eliminated TP Chandrasekharan on May 4 2012 who was former SFI District Secretary , SFI Central Committee Member , DYFI District Secretary , CPI(M) Area Committee Member after he formed RMP ( Revolutionary Marxist Party ) because of ideological differences with CPI(M). There were about 51 cuts on his body including at Face & Head . When CPI(M) was not in power , they used their party goons . When CPIM is in power they use the suppressing tool ,Police for persecuting youngsters who dissents against the State . By analysing the actions of Kerala Police & NIA it resembles & feels like that they are doing what CPIM goons does. CPIM’s Zero Tollerance towards political dissent questions the meaning of Democracy in CPIM’s Dictionary.