Corona Virus impact on environment, economy and global order.

Arjun S
MG University Student.

The whole world is suffering the coronavirus and the pandemic continues its destruction as it moves towards continent to continent. It doesn’t only affect the health sector of every country but it ruined the economy at a rapid level. The global powers are disarmed in front of this pandemic as they are changing their foreign policies and joining hands with their opponents to shut down this pandemic. This was an era of multipolarity rather than bipolarity or the unipolar system but this pandemic will cause the raise of certain countries over the others. The USA wasn’t concerned very much about the virus at its first stage but later they were so late to identify it as a threat to people, first of all, they find their cliché things such as China is the country behind this virus and they call the virus as Wuhan virus where the virus outbreak started. Countries like China, S.Korea, Japan are some of the countries that effectively stopped the virus at a point.

Impact on the Environment.

The one and the only perk of Corona which I found that it’s promoting a green, clean and pollution less environment. As humans are afraid of this virus or the steps took place by the governments the people are unable to go outside and most of the airlines have stopped their flights. This rapidly decreased the pollution rate among the globe and the issue such as the production of greenhouse gases reduced. In the case in India, the government took steps to end the domestic as well as international flights. A country like India has a lot of International Airports and this shut down will create a positive impact on the environment. The lockdown among various countries will reduce the use of vehicles which produce carbon monoxide
Most of the industries across the globe have shut down due to the pandemic.

The problem is presently its good for the environment but as far as the virus disappears the production in the industrial sector will be doubled as the capitalist’s goal to make a profit. A sudden change in the global environment will hit us very worst.

Economic Impacts

The global economic structure will be forced to have a worst-ever economic crisis due to this pandemic. The main problem will be raised from regions like South Asia Africa and the areas where the refugees living areas like Syria, Turkey, and other countries. These nations have the priority for social issues like food shortage and inflation. These countries will be forced to seek help from I.M.F World Bank or other capitalist powers who also been destroyed in the corona effect. This again will make several nations as the global police and the neo colonialization will follow the rest of the countries who gained aid from these capitalist countries. They only aim for their profit and by any means, they will acquire it. This shows that the after-effects of this pandemic are very dangerous than what we are facing today.